[kætʃ] (past tense and past participle caught [kɔːt] ) verb I
1) [I/T] to stop something that is falling or moving through the air, and hold it
Stewart caught the ball with one hand.[/ex]
A bucket stood under the hole to catch the rain.[/ex]
2) [T] to get hold of and stop a person or animal so that they cannot escape
She raced to catch the child before he got to the edge.[/ex]
Wolves hunt and catch their prey in packs.[/ex]
Laura shouted, "Wait!" and caught hold of his arm.[/ex]
Did you catch any fish (= using a fishing rod or net)?[/ex]
3) [T] if the police catch someone, they find them and arrest them
4) [I/T] to get on a train, bus, plane, or boat that is travelling somewhere
I caught the next train to London.[/ex]
I have a flight to catch at 4.40.[/ex]
5) [T] to find someone doing something that they do not expect or want you to see
Several times she'd caught him staring at her.[/ex]
Diana was caught red-handed (= caught while doing something wrong).[/ex]
6) [T] to surprise someone in an unpleasant way, by doing something that they are not prepared for
The question caught their spokesperson by surprise.[/ex]
Harry looked up suddenly, catching Emily off her guard (= when she was not ready).[/ex]
7) [T] to become unexpectedly involved in an unpleasant situation
We were caught in a heavy storm.[/ex]
She got caught up in a clash between protesters and police.[/ex]
8) [I/T] to become stuck on something, or to make something get stuck
I must have caught my shirt on a nail.[/ex]
9) [T] to get a disease or illness
Brian caught chickenpox from his nephew.[/ex]
10) [T] to hear something that someone says
I'm sorry, I didn't catch what you said.[/ex]
11) [T] informal
to find someone available to talk by going to them or telephoning them
Margaret caught me just as I was leaving.[/ex]
12) [T] to discover a problem or medical condition and stop it from becoming worse
Doctors assured her that they had caught the cancer in time.[/ex]
13) [T] to have a sudden effect on someone's attention or imagination
It was Myra's red hair that first caught my attention.[/ex]
14) [T] if light catches something, or if something catches the light, the light makes it look bright and shiny
15) [T] to hit someone on a part of their body, or to hit a part of your body on something by accident
catch your breath — 1) to stop breathing suddenly for a short time because you are surprised or impressed; 2) to take time to start to breathe normally again after physical exercise[/ex]
catch sb's eye — 1) if something catches your eye, you suddenly notice it[/ex]
There was one painting that caught my eye.[/ex]

— 2) to get someone's attention by looking at them

catch sight of/a glimpse of — to see someone or something for a very short time[/ex]
- catch on
- catch sb out
- catch (sb/sth) up
- catch up on sth
- catch up with sb
catch */*/[kætʃ]
1) [C] an act of stopping and holding a ball that is moving through the air
Well done! Good catch![/ex]
2) [C] an object used for fastening something such as a window, door, or container
3) [C] a hidden problem or difficulty in something that seems extremely good
It sounds so cheap – is there a catch?[/ex]
4) [U] a game in which children throw a ball to each other

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